Doc’s Drive-In Grand Opening Giveaway Was a Success!

In celebration of the grand opening of Doc’s Drive-In Theatre, we held a little giveaway with some seriously amazing prizes! For our grand prize winner, we gave away:

  • 1 Car Pass
  • 4 Adult Tickets
  • 4 Hats
  • 4 Shirts
  • 4 Free Popcorns

And for the runner-up winners, we handed out:

  • 1 Free Car Pass
  • 4 Adult Tickets

Which means 16 lucky visitors get to drive in for free and enjoy the first shows that will cement the Doc’s Drive-In Theatre legacy!

We also made the news at KXAN – check out their news story, New drive-in movie theater aims to capture young, family audiences. Chris Davis presents an interview with us and tells you more about what we’ve built and what we have planned.

Even if you didn’t win, there will be more giveaways, and we would still love to have you at Doc’s Drive-In Theatre for our grand opening. We’re showing a host of Halloween double features, including:


Rear Window & Addams Family – October 12, 7:35 PM on Screen 1

Addams Family & The Goonies – October 12, 7:35 PM on Screen 2


Addams Family & The Goonies – October 13, 7:35 PM on Screen 1

Rear Window & Addams Family – October 13, 7:35 PM on Screen 2



Tickets are already nearly sold out for our opening night, so hurry and grab yours before there are no more spots left!

Don’t forget to share your experience on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, follow us, and join us for more shows coming as fall and winter bring in the cool, movie-going weather!

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  1. Nita Anderson on Oct 19 at 7:19 pm

    This is such a FABULOUS idea!!! Finally someone understands how much fun it used to be at the drive- in!!! My hubby and I WILL be joining you and or my girlfriends VERY SOON!!! I just found out about y’all!!! AWESOME!!!! :-00) I wish I had known about Oct 12th! I could have come on my birthday!!!

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