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The Film Look

Are Movies Still Shot Using Film?

By admindocs | Nov 08

As of 2018, the definitive answer is still, “yes.” Movies are still shot on film, but not every movie. In fact, in 2012, about half of all films were shot digitally, and the number of movies that made it to theaters shot entirely digitally continued to multiply from there. In 2015, about 90% of top…

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Why so many movie remakes?

Why Are Movie Reboots and Remakes So Popular?

By admindocs | Nov 02

There are two huge reasons why Hollywood remakes and reboots movies, and why they are so popular among crowds in the second decade of the 2000s: Production studios mitigate financial risk by banking on characters and franchises that are already well known People love seeing familiar characters in new scenarios or played by new actors…

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History of Drive-In Movies

History of the Drive-In Movie Theatre

By admindocs | Oct 24

There is a famous story about history’s first partial drive-in theater opened in Las Cruces, New Mexico, on April 23, 1915. It was called Theatre de Guadalupe, and it combined auditorium seating with room for 40 or so cars to simultaneously see the screen and stage. The theater closed in 1916 soon after its initial…

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Doc’s Drive-In Grand Opening Giveaway Was a Success!

By admindocs | Oct 12

In celebration of the grand opening of Doc’s Drive-In Theatre, we held a little giveaway with some seriously amazing prizes! For our grand prize winner, we gave away: 1 Car Pass 4 Adult Tickets 4 Hats 4 Shirts 4 Free Popcorns And for the runner-up winners, we handed out: 1 Free Car Pass 4 Adult…

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Opening Weekend Movies

GIVEAWAY: Enter to Win Tickets to Doc’s Drive-In Theatre’s Opening Weekend!

By admindocs | Sep 28

After some hiccups, obstacles, and delays, Doc’s Drive-In Theatre is getting incredibly close to opening its doors – and to celebrate, we’re doing an incredible giveaway! Help us kick off the fun by bringing your family and friends along for the ride to our theater with our Grand Prize: 1 car pass 4 adult tickets…

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IN THE NEWS: Doc’s Drive-In Theatre to Open Gates February 2018

By admindocs | Dec 11

From PRWeb: “Drive-in theaters now offer only one thing: movies. With Doc’s Drive-In Theatre, we want to create an immersive film experience for individuals and families. Guests can come for a movie but stay overnight, and we will provide the amenities expected from comfortable accommodations,” stated Chris Denny, co-owner of Doc’s Drive-In Theatre.   Read…

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