Austin After Dark Film Festival

May 15 06:00 pm
Overview The Austin After Dark Film Festival screens a collection of short films from independent filmmakers from around the world. Genres include horror, horror comedy, dark animation, dark drama, experimental, dark science fiction, and more. Most films have an average run-time between 4-6 minutes, and were handpicked by judges from the Austin Area. Most importantly, many of these films have never screened at a live event! There are filmmakers from all over the US coming to watch their films on the giant screens at Doc’s Drive-In Theatre.

Doors open at 6:00pm and included in the ticket price, each attendee gets one sandwich of choice from a variety of delicious homemade barbecue sandwiches, and unlimited popcorn and soft drinks. Alcoholic drinks are sold separately. Two professional photographers will be on site to take pictures of you and your friends (for free!) in front of the Austin After Dark Film Festival event banner. You will be able to download your pictures from our website after the event. Then, enjoy over 5 hours of entertainment! The films will start at approximately 8:20pm on screen number one, when it’s dark enough to start the show.

Reserve your spot at Doc's Drive-in Theatre and add tickets for anyone else coming in your vehicle.

Car Slot
  • Car slot includes one (1) admission for driver
Additional Tickets
  • Adult (age 12+)
$65 each
  • Age 4 to 11 (3 and under free)
$65 each
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